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音标: 英 ['wɪkɪd] 美 [ˈwɪkɪd]

a. 坏的, 邪恶的, 缺德的, 刻毒的, 恶劣的, 淘气的

a. morally bad in principle or practice


1. He was a wicked child that became a wicked man.

他是个坏孩子 后来长成了一个坏男人

2. You hold your wicked tongue or I shall pluck it from your wicked skull.

你给我闭上嘴 不然我就把你的舌头拔下来

3. I'm just another lost soul, searching for forgiveness in this wicked, wicked world.

只是在失魂落魄地 在这个真正 的世界里找寻宽恕

4. It is a wicked, selfish fool who chooses another wicked, selfish fool as her example.

一个恶劣 自私的傻瓜 选择另一个恶劣 自私的傻瓜 作为她的榜样

5. They lit a tenhour wick and took off, the wick burned down, released this marble, it fell off this, hit the bird, which hit the enter key.

他们点燃可以烧十个小时的灯芯后离开了 灯芯烧完后 松开这个弹珠 它掉下来 砸到了毽子 按到了回车键

6. But I choose you because you're wicked.

但我因为你的 才选择了你

7. when no other in this wicked town would.

冷眼相待的时候 只有她帮助了我

8. The more wicked you are, the more irresistible.

你越坏 就越让人难以抗拒

9. Surely, you can't do such a wicked thing.

你绝对不能做那么 的事

10. There be nothing wicked in our care for each other.

我们互相喜欢 这没什么不道德



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