set怎么读: 音标[set]
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◎ set是什么意思

n. 日落, 同伙, 组合, 集合, 装置
vt. 放, 安置, 放置, 设定, 使凝结, 点燃, 确定, 点缀, 使就位, 树立, 分配, 调整
vi. 日落, 凝固, 定型, 搁住, 结果, 适合
a. 决心的, 规定的, 故意的, 持久的, 固定的, 老套的, 准备好的
[计] 设置; DOS内部命令:改变或显示分配给环境变量的值

n. a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used
n. (mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols
n. several exercises intended to be done in series
n. an unofficial association of people or groups


1. And that sets me off, which sets him off.

而这令我火大 于是他也火大

2. Do you know who set that up? I don't know who set that up.

知道是谁安排的吗 我不知道是谁安排的

3. This ain't your set. It's nobody's set.

这不是你的帮派 这不是任何人的帮派

4. I want my set. I want the set that I had.

我就想要我那款 我之前用过的

5. We set up the key, and we set up the gun.

我们准备了钥匙 还准备了枪

6. But I did not do that. I would not set her up.

但我没做过 我不会害她

7. We thought we set a trap for him, but he set a trap for us.

我们以为自己给他设了陷阱 可结果恰恰相反

8. I shouldn't have set you up, that's on me.

我不该设计你们 这是我的错

9. I believe setting her free sets a dangerous precedent.


10. The deal was for a set meet at a set time and you missed it.

事前是约好时间见面 但你当时没现身