mode怎么读: 音标[mәud]
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◎ mode是什么意思

n. 模态, 调式, 样式, 文体, 状态, 方式, 风尚
[计] 方式; DOS外部命令:设定各种设备命令

n. a particular functioning condition or arrangement
n. any of various fixed orders of the various diatonic notes within an octave
n. the most frequent value of a random variable


1. I'm in fixin' mode, not fightin' mode.

我现在是想修东西 不是打架

2. Small wonder this thing is fitted with my favourite mode of them all celebration mode.

还有一个小彩蛋是这辆车 适配了我最喜欢的模式 庆祝模式

3. I made apple pie à la mode, and I forgot the ice cream, which is the mode.

我做了冰淇淋苹果派 我把冰激凌给忘了

4. I have to have the drive tray in track mode, the aero package in sport mode, so that the rear end squats when I set off and gives me more traction.

我需要把驾驶模式选择为赛道模式 空气动力设定在运动模式 这样尾翼就会在我起步的时候提供更多的下压力

5. That's because you're not in floogle mode.


6. We're in fullexecution mode on the case.


7. Me and you, let's spin it in a different mode.

你和我 让我们用不同手法转碟

8. No, they're in total shut down mode.

没有 他们现在完全处于停工状态

9. We're in crisis mode. I understand.

全国处于紧急状态 我明白

10. But don't worry, you'll be in sleep mode.

不过别担心 你会进入睡眠模式



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