caribou怎么读: 音标['kæribu:]
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◎ caribou是什么意思

n. 北美驯鹿

n. Arctic deer with large antlers in both sexes; called `reindeer' in Eurasia and `caribou' in North America


1. And in the winter, they specialize in hunting caribou.

到了冬天 它们专门猎捕驯鹿

2. But now the caribou are not traveling alone.


3. It makes waiting for caribou a lot more interesting.


4. They start to test the caribou, probing for any weakness.

它们开始观察鹿群 寻找任何弱点

5. They've come to film the caribou migration, due to arrive in a few days.

他们是来拍摄北美洲驯鹿大迁徙的 几天后就会经过这里

6. As the caribou scatter, the leading wolf takes a wrong turn.

驯鹿们四散奔逃 头狼拐错路了

7. The pack must decide which particular caribou to target and which trail to take.

狼群必须决定要攻击哪只驯鹿 应该追踪哪条足迹

8. They move fast by avoiding the deep snow, sticking to the hardpacked trails made by the caribou.

它们避开厚厚的积雪 行动迅速 紧跟驯鹿留下的坚实足迹

9. With the coming of spring, the caribou will head north once more, leaving the wolves and the forest behind.

随着春天来临 驯鹿会再次向北迁徙 远离狼群和森林

10. This one wants to hurry up and win so he can chase caribou and fight polar bear.

这家伙想快点赢 这样就能去追驯鹿斗白熊了