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音标: 英 [kɒs] 美 [kɒs, kɑs]

n. 余弦
[医] 寇斯(爱琴海一岛屿,Hippocrates的出生地)

n. lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head


1. Renie, it's not cos I don't like you, it's cos I do.

蕾妮 我这样不是因为不喜欢你 而是因为我真的喜欢你

2. No, not cos I don't want to know, cos I do.

不 不是因为我不想知道 因为我想

3. cos I never did, cos I'd never met her.

因为我没做过 我都没见过她

4. cos then she'd melt and she'd be dead cos she's a witch.

因为那样她就会融化而死 因为她是个女巫

5. That is cos you're alive and breathing, cos of us.

那是因为你还活着 还在喘气 全靠我们

6. cos, uh, you wouldn't want to get a girl pregnant, then have to get married too young, and then get divorced cos you're fighting, cos you're away working all the time.

你不能让那女孩怀孕 否则你就要很早结婚 过不了多久再离婚 你不能经常在家 你们就会经常吵架

7. I feel shit, actually, cos of, you know, cos of how I was with you.

我感觉糟透了 因为之前跟你的那件事

8. cos I changed. I thought, cos you changed, you might not want me any more.

我变了 我也以为 你变了 可能不想要我了

9. Oh, I know, that's unbelievable, cos it blinds you, cos they've dipped.

我懂 简直难以置信 因为它自动调节了灯光 驾驶员反而看不见了

10. cos you're the only person I can really talk to, and I only got that cos we weren't talking.

因为你是唯一一个我可以说真心话的人 我们之前不说话让我明白了这一点



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