音标/读音 ['hwaitәnә]
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◎ 单词释义

n. 增白剂;漂白剂

n an agent that makes things white or colorless



ammonia and bleach, of course, whiten body hair.


Perfect, so my competition is a walking tube of hair gel and teeth whitener.

太好了 原来我的竞争对手 是一管长腿的发胶和牙齿美白剂

They're trying to get their teeth really yellow so they can practice whitening them in class.

他们想把自己的牙齿弄得很黄 这样就能在课堂上练习漂白牙齿了

You can really see it's instantly whitening up to be exactly the kind of creamy you want, just off white.

它立刻就明显变白了 变成了理想的奶白色

I'm going to get my teeth whitened, so if you can stop serving red stuff, that'd be lit.

我要去增白牙齿 如果你们能别做红色的食物 那就太好了

You just had your teeth whitened a couple months ago instead of getting that cavity filled in your bottom right molar.

几个月前你去漂白过牙齿 而你应该去补下你右下颚的那颗蛀牙