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音标: 英 [ˌri:'saɪkl] 美 [riˈsaɪkəl]

vt. 使再循环, 重新利用, 再制
n. 再循环

v. cause to repeat a cycle
v. use again after processing


1. We think we're recycling and we're not recycling.

我们以为我们在回收 其实没有

2. Most recycled plastic is only recycled once before ending up in landfills, incinerators, and the environment.

大部分塑料在進入垃圾填埋場 焚化爐和污染環境前 只能被回收一次

3. Effectively recycled means that it's recycled into something that's actually as useful as what it was before.

有效回收是指 在回收加工後 其利用價值和以前一樣

4. 14% is incinerated, 14% is recycled, but only 2% is effectively recycled.

14%被焚燒 14%被回收 僅有2%被有效回收

5. People think plastic can be recycled, but actually, most plastic is very hard to recycle.

通常人們認爲塑料是可回收的 但事實上 大部分塑料很難再回收

6. It's totally unfair to the cities and the recyclers on the back end because then everyone says, "oh, it's recyclable.

對於城市和後端的回收者來說 這非常不公平 因爲每個人都會說 "這是可回收的

7. My vision for the future is all cities are going zero waste, and that means that all that we use, all that they produce, can either be composed or recycled, and all cities have the capacity to manage these composed of all of these recyclables.

我對未來的設想是所有城市都踐行零垃圾 這就意味着我們用的東西 和工廠生產的東西都是可降解 可循環的 所有的城市都有回收 可降解垃圾的處理能力

8. And most of these seem to be to do with recycling.


9. Only after they tossed it in with my recyclables.


10. All they're doing is recycling other records.




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