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音标: 英 [ɪk'spens] 美 [ɪkˈspɛns]

n. 费用, 代价, 开支, 损失
[经] 费用, 开支, 将支出转为费用

n. amounts paid for goods and services that may be currently tax deductible (as opposed to capital expenditures)
n. a detriment or sacrifice
n. money spent to perform work and usually reimbursed by an employer
v. reduce the estimated value of something


1. It would be very expensive. I'm open to expensive.

租金会非常昂贵的 没问题啊

2. Because it makes my very expensive office seem less expensive.

因为那让我奢华的办公室 显得不怎么奢华了

3. I would have had more if it wasn't so expensive.


4. She has to have it, but it is expensive.

她必须要治 但是非常昂贵

5. But I think the problem with all of these reimagined cars is that they're expensive, they're too expensive.

但我认为 这些现代化的老爷车存在的问题是 它们都太贵了 价格实在高得离谱

6. And not because the tickets were super expensive, even though they were super expensive.

不是因为票特别贵 虽然他们的确超级贵

7. You gotta wear the expensive shit to sell the expensive shit.


8. It's very expensive in one kind of way, but it's also very expensive in terms of the life that you've perhaps denied yourself.

从一方面来说 这会非常昂贵 从生命的角度来说也是如此 你可能否定了自己的生活

9. They can move an expensive pump, very expensive diggers, into the middle of nowhere and strip it bare, and they will battle and fight to protect that.

他们可以将昂贵的泵和挖掘机 搬到荒野中 就这么放着 他们会为了保护它而战

10. Which is very rare and very expensive.




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