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音标: 英 [tʃin]

n. 下巴, 颏
[医] 颏

n. the protruding part of the lower jaw
v. raise oneself while hanging from one's hands until one's chin is level with the support bar


1. Once a reading's been taken, we can manipulate its molecular structure into anything, replicate a living organi down to the hairs on its chinny chin chin.

在提取到读数之后 我们可以操纵其分子结构变成任何东西 能够复制活体组织 包括头发胡子

2. If she had chins, we'd be seeing them.

如果她有雙下巴 我們會看到的

3. So, then it wasn't a gun up against the chin.


4. And while you're at it, wipe your chin because there's a butt on it.

因为你一得瑟 就成了 下巴

5. chin, in the meantime, do me a favor.

阿成 還有件事 幫我個忙

6. Touch your chin to your chest for me.

摸摸你的下巴 一直到你的胸

7. And squeeze in with your core and your chin up.

收紧你的核心肌群 把头抬起来

8. You think that, but look at his chin.

你是这么认为 但看他的下巴

9. That's not her nose anymore...or her chin.

是因为她整了鼻子 还有下巴

10. chin down, look up and through the lashes.

收下颌 透过睫毛向上看



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