音标: 英 [rɪ'vi:l] 美 [rɪˈvil]
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vt. 露出, 显示, 透露, 揭露, 泄露, (神)启示
n. 窗侧, 门侧

v. disclose directly or through prophets


1. If he gets it and it reveals what we fear it reveals, this will all have been for nothing.

如果他拿到手 揭露我们所害怕的事 我们所做的一切就白费了

2. So when you find it, the silence reveals an unexpected beauty, just like the darkness reveals the milky way.

如果你找到了 寂静会展现出意外之美 就像黑夜中才能一窥银河

3. This reveals information about our social networks, it can reveal information about the places that we go on a daytoday basis.

社交网络信息的暴露 能使得我们每天的出行信息 被泄露

4. My contract with the defense forbade me from revealing any findings, and the defense had no obligation to reveal any information that would not benefit their clients.

我与辩方签的合约不允许我透露任何发现 辩方也没有义务透露 不利于他们当事人的信息

5. I retrieved from the shapeshifters revealed no information; however, the daisy chain wiring pattern seems to have activated them, somehow revealing tons of previously undetected data.

进行的首次试验里 我一无所获 不过 以串状链的形式连接 好像能够激活它们 通过这方法找到了大量以前未检测到的数据

6. But this is where your delusion reveals itself.


7. But before he did that, he revealed someone.

但在那之前 由他引出了一个人

8. I can't reveal any more of the specifics.


9. I'll reveal the location, but only to her.

我可以提供地点 但是只告诉她

10. The more he talks, the more he'll reveal about himself.

他说得越多 暴露的信息量就越大



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