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音标: 英 ['kɒŋkri:t] 美 [kɑnˈkrit, kɑŋ-, ˈkɑnˌkrit, ˈkɑŋ-]

n. 凝结物, 混凝土
a. 具体的, 实在的, 混凝土的
v. (使)凝结, 用混凝土浇筑

n. a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water
v. cover with cement
v. form into a solid mass; coalesce
a. capable of being perceived by the senses; not abstract or imaginary


1. Every time our judgment is beclouded by the ardent passions that consume us, we give love a dangerous concreteness, a scandalous concreteness, an illegal concreteness.

每当耗费我们心神的 影响了我们的判断时 我们让爱变得危险 变得丑陋 变得违法

2. It's most likely that he disposed of the belt in the concrete thinking it would never resurface, so our best bet is to compile a list of all the workers who were onsite the day the concrete panel was poured.

他很可能觉得把皮带藏在混凝土里 就不会有人发现 因此目前最好的办法就是列出 灌注混凝土当天在施工现场所有工人的名字

3. It's a... noise canceller, so, in theory, playing the sound of the saw cutting through concrete, directly at the saw, while it's actually cutting concrete, the sound waves in the box will cancel each other out.

这是个... 噪音消除器 理论上 直接在锯的上面 播放切割混凝土的声音 而当我们真正切割混泥土的时候 盒子里的声波就会相互抵消

4. But I can't do that until I have concrete proof.


5. But then, you don't have anything concrete yet.


6. I'll have more concrete answers for you soon.


7. That's not the same as contributing in a concrete way.


8. So you have a concrete pylon here, and then skidmarks here.

所以这里有一座混凝土桥塔 刹车痕在这里

9. I watch her bleed out on the concrete.

我看着她在水泥地上 而死

10. No, don't worry, there's solid concrete up there.

不用担心 上面的水泥墙硬的很



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