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音标: 英 [ˈmɑ:dʒɪn] 美 [ˈmɑ:rdʒən]

n. 页边的空白, 边缘, 界限, 余裕, 差数, 差额, 保证金
vt. 加边于, 加旁注于
[计] 页边距

n. the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary
n. an amount beyond the minimum necessary
n. the amount of collateral a customer deposits with a broker when borrowing from the broker to buy securities
n. the blank space that surrounds the text on a page


1. We are living within a politically divided nation where marginalized groups are feeling more and more marginalized.

我们生活在一个 四分五裂的国家 一个边缘人群正在变得 更加边缘化的国家

2. It was marginally bigger than the day before, and the next day was just marginally bigger than the prior day.

它是慢慢地 一步步脚踏实地地在增长 明天又会比今天再稍微增长一点点

3. These things tend to go to marginal cost, and marginal cost is copying software, which is nothing, and running it on a computer which will probably be very cheap.

这些软件的使用趋近于边际成本 而边际成本是没成本的软件复制和 成本也许非常低廉的 计算机运行

4. Out in the field, protocols are margins.

而出外勤时 章程是边际

5. It was a suggestion. I noted that in the margins.

只是个建议 我有在旁注说明

6. Before she started, our margins were 18%.

她去之前 我们的利润有18%

7. You've helped around the margins, but I need more.

虽然帮了点小忙 但是我需要更多信息

8. The wounds are linear, but with abraded margins.

伤口呈线性 但创缘不齐

9. Increasing it, in fact by a sparing margin.

其实是增加了 因为还有保证金

10. We were genius to pad the time margin.




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