gizzard怎么读: 音标['gizәd]
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◎ gizzard是什么意思

n. (鸟的)砂囊, 胃
[医] 砂囊

n. thick-walled muscular pouch below the crop in many birds and reptiles for grinding food


1. I have a taste and consistency that's similar to that of a chicken gizzard.

我的口感和质感 很像鸡胗

2. If you drink from that and you prove untrue, it'll burn your gizzard out.

如果你喝了泉水 而说的是假话 它会烧掉你的喉咙

3. Tom said if it was day, it'd cut the gizzard right out of you.

汤姆说现在是白天 但沙莫把光都遮蔽了

4. That corner store we just passed was advertising half off turkey gizzards.

我们刚路过的那家店 这时候了还打广告说火鸡胗半价

5. Down it goes into a muscular compartment of the stomach, the gizzard, a kind of mill where bits of vegetation are churned around and ground into a digestible pulp.

从食管向下进入肌肉发达的胃部 肌胃就像是研磨机 将植物搅拌并研磨成为易消化的浆液



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