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音标: 英 ['fʊlɪ] 美 [ˈfʊlɪ]

adv. 十分地, 完全地, 充分地

r. to the greatest degree or extent; completely or entirely; (`full' in this sense is used as a combining form)


1. fully guarded, fully secure, by my people.


2. I'm talking fully ash the head, cut it off, throw him in a meat grinder, fully incinerate him.

我的意思是把头砸烂 分尸 把他扔进绞肉机 焚烧干净

3. Step one: rapidly flip the calibration switch from the fully up to the fully down positions for at least ten times.

第一步: 快速扳动校准开关 从最上方扳到最下方 此动作最少重复十次

4. I spent the last 48 hours in bed, fully rested, fully recharged and I will never let you down like that again.

我在床上休息了足足48个小时 彻底休息好 彻底恢复好了 我再也不会像之前那样 让您失望了

5. And as I currently sit fully outside your means of retaliation, this response will continue unabated until you, your men, and that structure are rendered fully incapacitated.

鉴于目前你所有的反击手段都伤不到我 我会持续对你进行攻击 直到你 你的手下 还有那座堡垒 统统毁灭殆尽

6. To go from doing a seven minute film that's fully painted by hand, to doing an 80, 90 minute film that's fully painted, was a huge change and requiring a totally different outlook.

纯手绘一部七分钟的电影 和纯手绘一部80 90分钟的电影 完全是天壤之别 并且需要完全不同的格局

7. So we only fully realize our nature, we only fully unfold our human capacities, when we exercise our faculty of language, which means when we deliberate with our fellow citizens about good and evil, right and wrong, just and the unjust.

所以只有当我们锻炼自己的语言能力时 才能是完全实现人的本性 展现我们作为人类的能力 也就是和公民一起辨别 善与恶 对与错 公正与不公

8. You're my brother. I'm fully with you.

你是我兄弟 我永远是你这边的

9. When you do, you'll be able to fully participate.

等你们有经验了 你们就可以完全参与进来了

10. We fully understood what the repercussions of this would be.




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